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obsolescence –
a device installation with 3D animation

How often do we buy new clothes when our wardrobes are filled to the brim? How many of us replace their perfectly functional mobile phones after only two years? Yet, what unfolds in the aftermath of these choices? This project takes a critical look at the throw-away society and examines the various life stages of products.

This project was exhibited at the Ars Electronica Garden Berlin 2021.

The installation displays an animation that is split onto five vintage tube TVs. The animation shows various objects that start to form around a stone base. Over time, these objects detach and seamlessly integrate into the surrounding environment, creating an endless cycle. As the surroundings gradually fill up, the accumulation of non-biodegradable items illustrates the significant environmental consequences of products becoming obsolete. The installation emphasizes the environmental impact of discarding perfectly functional objects, urging reflection on our consumption habits.

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Project Exhibition

Part of the implementation of this project was not only the creation of the animation and 3D Design but also the programming and setup of the Piwall. Each TV is connected to an individual Raspberry Pi, and all of them are subsequently linked to a central Raspberry Pi, which serves as the control hub. It synchronizes and plays the video loop concurrently, ensuring a seamless and coordinated visual experience.