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galluhree –
a virtual gallery using an eye tracker

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant changes, impacting various aspects, including cultural events. In response, we have developed a digital art experience, bringing a gallery directly to everyone‘s home and putting a little twist to it.

As the visitor navigates through the website and looks at historic artworks, our algorithm is simultaneously working in the background. Without knowing about the outcome, an eyetracker captures the viewer’s eye movements. These eye movements are then translated into a unique and personlized artwork, adding an element of surprise and individuality to the experience.

See for yourself and create your own artwork!

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The central theme of this project was the art of tracking within our contemporary technological society. Therefor, we used Webgazer.js, a tool that tracks the viewer‘s eye movement through a webcam. We connected that to P5.js to create the artwork with the collected information.